Clinical Nutrition

The Science

No general screening test is more effective, efficient and affordable than a comprehensive blood chemistry panel. When you correlate blood test findings with hair analysis (toxic element and mineral content evaluation), urinalysis and stool analysis you then have a science based look at your nutritional strengths and weaknesses and your levels of toxicities as well. This scientific approach can offer a clear path towards a healthier you.

Blood Testing

A comprehensive blood chemistry panel is the most efficient, effective and affordable general screening test available. Our foundational blood panel consists of 55 blood biomarkers and allows us to assess the degree of health or disease you are experiencing. Many health problems can be prevented or effectively managed with early detection through blood testing.

Hair Testing

Hair analysis is important in identifying levels of essential, non-essential and potentially toxic elements. Toxic elements can cause a depletion or imbalance of Nutrient Elements. Hair analysis is a valuable tool in determining toxicity or maldistribution of elements in the body.

Urine Testing

Urine testing can provide great insight into the function of several organ systems. Urine testing is done in our office and is a screening test that measures specific gravity, pH, and the spillover of many byproducts of the body’s digestive process. Spillover of these substances in the urine is a significant finding and has a big impact on your plan of care.

Stool Testing

Our foundational testing includes a stool test to be performed by you at home. This test looks for hidden blood. Blood in the stool is a significant finding. In severe cases of digestive dysfunction and or G.I. infection, advanced stool testing may be required. This would be determined by the results of your foundational testing.

Advanced Testing

Cases of severe allergies, auto immune issues, hormone imbalances and infection may require advanced testing. Advanced testing is based on the results of foundational testing to ensure medical necessity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to get you healthier than before you got sick. After all, if you get healthy enough does it matter the name of the disease?