Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic

The main cause of spinal misalignment is trauma, whether it be physical, chemical or emotional. Symptoms may have an immediate onset or progress slowly over time. With the use of specially designed instruments, Dr. Kleinman restores the structure to its normal healthy position. This is done in a painless fashion without the need for manipulation (popping or cracking) of the vertebrae.

This method is so gentle that many patients cannot believe an adjustment has actually taken place until they notice that their function has improved and their discomfort has been relieved.  Atlas Orthogonal is a gentle, effective and proven Chiropractic technique that does not utilize physical manipulation.  The Atlas is the top vertebrae of the spine and supports the head.  Orthogonal means at right angle to or square. If the Atlas is not square to the head and spine (referred to as subluxated) then the head and spine are by necessity out of alignment . Essentially if the head is not on straight then the spine cannot possibly be straight. The resulting stress that ensues may cause discomfort to the back, shoulders, pelvis, hips, knees and ankles.

An upper cervical misalignment (subluxation) will cause abnormal curvature of the spine (poor posture) which can lead to a serious condition known as scoliosis. This side view represents a serious loss of the spine’s normal curves. The view from the back shows curves where the spine should be straight. This situation typically causes a loss of spinal motion and reduces the ability of the spine to support the body’s weight properly. This results in pain, spasm and stiffness and contributes to and accelerates spinal arthritis and degeneration.

The healthy spine, when viewed from the back is relatively straight and provides a strong, flexible support for the weight of the torso. When viewed from the side, the normal spine shows curves which help to distribute the body’s shifting weight most effectively. These natural curves help balance the body’s shifting center of gravity as it changes with the body’s movement and resists degenerative breakdown.

atlas orthogonal chiropractic


I’ve been going to Dr Kleinman since 2016. You could visibly see the difference in my neck after the first adjustment to my atlas. I had frequent migraines and my range of motion was very bad. Both are unbelievably improved!
Dr K is the best! I highly recommend him. His staff is great & always accommodating when you need to see him.



I have been going to Dr. Kleinman for many years and have always had great relief from any pain. He is very gentle with his treatments since he focuses on the atlas bone in the neck to align your spine. His office staff has always been very accommodating. My husband and daughters have also gone to Dr. Kleinman when needed and have been very pleased with his treatments.

Jill Abramson


Six months before seeing Dr. Kleinman my spine became noticeably crooked. The treatment corrected my crooked back. My spine was completely healed and straight. What a miracle Atlas Chiropractic has been for me. I thank God for this blessing! You rock Doc!

Jayne R


I never knew about Atlas chiropractic until I met Dr Kleinman about 3 years ago. He has helped me tremendously with my back issues. I also participated in his weight loss program and lost 20lbs in 3 months and also reduced my blood pressure
I now have regular visits (especially after playing golf) just to keep in shape.

Cecil W


Dr Kleinman has been my guru fitness man for 15+ years. Thanks to Dr. Kleinman I have been able to maintain a high level of performance as a golf professional. I highly recommend Dr Kleinman to anyone of any who cares about staying fit and active over the long haul of life.
Thank you, Dr. Kleinman!
Billy Burke
PGA Professional Life Member

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